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Velocity Solutions Application Support service is for companies that are challenged with maintaining their business applications due to one or more of the following factors:


It is difficult to hire and retain people with the right skills to undertake their application maintenance and support tasks


It is time-consuming and costly to manage an internal applications maintenance and support team


The internal IT group is focussed on implementing a new core business system and wish to outsource the maintenance and support of the legacy (to be replaced) system as an interim measure

Velocity provides an end-to-end Applications Maintenance and Support service whereby we:

  • put in place a support request tracking system to ensure all support requests are handled quickly and effectively with status updates available to all stakeholders

  • take full responsibility for all support and maintenance activities for the business application

  • define clear, unambiguous performance metrics and ensure that all support requests adhere to these metrics

  • ensure the ongoing availability of the application for the business users

  • manage the hardware and software environment that hosts the business application

Velocity has 20 years’ experience in delivering world-class application maintenance and support services.  Our success is underwritten by strong task management, skilled and experienced staff and an unyielding client service attitude.

If managing costs, lowering operational risk and putting limited resources to best use are key issues for you, call or email Velocity now.

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