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Our software development teams focus on the design, architecting, implementation and delivery of software solutions. This strategic part of Velocity Solutions consists of an array of expert software architects, programmers and technology specialists with years of experience in software engineering.

The biggest challenge in any software project is making sure that the customer and the development team are on the same page. In other words, communication is and will always remain the aspect that makes or break a software project.

While most software firms understand this reality, few have successfully adopted methods and processes to ensure that this crucial element is processed with the care it deserves.

We have adopted a standards-compliant methodology which effectively captures the requirements of a desired software system, using documents and diagrams (requirement artefacts) which can be perfectly understood by both the customer and the development team.

Implementation phase, development and acceptance environments setups are bundled within the project itself (included in the price). Once the project is completed, the solution can be deployed to the customer's premises (if they have an I.T. department and the equipment available), or, for a fee, it can be easily hosted, secured and maintained in the cloud by Velocity Solutions.

Should the customer prefer the solution to be hosted on physical servers (outside the cloud), but taken care of by Velocity Solutions, we have an entire division devoted to that service that can be of assistance: Velocity Technology.

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